About us

Bottega Naturale (My Natural Shop) is a “nature inspired” place born of the idea to collect all natural foods and products in only one shop: organic foods, the best brands of supplement foods for your health and well-being, natural cosmetics.

In fact today the need of healthy nourishment and body care is more and more common and Bottega Naturale is an original place which carefully responds to it.
We offer high quality products, both well known brands and less known. An example of less known but guaranteed products are those from the Old Chemistry Saint Ann run by the Carmelitani barefoot Friars in their ancient friary since 1750 in Genoa.

We wait for you!

And if you cannot visit us, we deliver all our products to all Italy.

Our address:
La Bottega Naturale  – Via Nicolò Daste 22c rosso– Genova (Sampierdarena) VAT : 01981230996
Mobile phone: 3312371057

E- mail : labotteganaturale@gmail.com


E-commerce: www.labotteganaturale.ecwid.com

Open: Mon-Sat  8.30-13 and 15.30-19.30

Traduzione: Sara Minoggio

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